Spike Detector Indicator


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  • Spike Killer
  • Elton Trend Alert (For scalping Trend -1 candle)
  • RSI/Oscillator Template
  • Chaos Indicator
  • Supply and Demand indicator

Get the newly updated Spike Detector for 2021 from for trading spikes on the following indices from Binary/

  • Boom 1000
  • Boom 500
  • Crash 1000
  • Crash 500

Get trade signals as they pop up before a spike and milk the market on a daily basis.

Features of the Spike Detector

The boom and crash spike indicator is a very powerful spike detecting software, with very awesome features, these features include.

  • Spike Alert ( from 10 to 100-second warning before spike)
  • Continues spike Alert (for double or continuous spikes at a time)
  • Supports all Boom/crash Indices
  • M1 time frame spike pointer.
  • Bigger time frame trend pointer for Swing trading


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