Introduction To Pilot Poster – Automatically Post To Multiple Facebook Groups

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you this amazing tool it’s called Pilot Poster I just found out about this a little while ago and it looks like it’s gonna take the place of like every single social Facebook sharing thing I’m using so we’re gonna check it out this is a live kind of a run-through I’ve never seen this before .

I just found out about it, you get to post on multiple Facebook groups even while you sleep.

Okay we know that I got tools that can do that, we’ve got blog to social follow like, post to groups those kinds of things they can post to your Facebook groups automatically. A few of the features include a Facebook group Auto poster, that way you can drive traffic 100% free.

It comes with premium support so that’s kind of cool.

There are hundreds of Facebook groups out there and you get to automate how you join them without getting a Facebook ban, while you also get to complete your posts and send them to different groups at once.

If you have to make it on Facebook you don’t need to run ads you can also drive free traffic.

Other cool features of this app include:

  1. You can post to unlimited fan pages,
  2. You can also share to your pages
  3. You can schedule posts to an unlimited number of pages that you own.
  4. Okay, that’s not all you can also post to hundreds of pages that you’ve liked now that is cool, so you can post to any page that you’ve liked and you’ll obviously be put in there as like a guest post not limited to pages you own oh man that’s a sweet feature.

With this tool you get to separate your groups by categories, you can to designate lists of groups like for YouTube, for eBooks, for marketing something like that. What that means is you can just select your 20 groups and send out your YouTube posts to those groups.

Are you scared of a ban? We’ve got you covered. To avoid getting banned, the tool has unique IDs to every post.

Isn’t that cool?
With unique IDs you can share URLs to multiple Facebook accounts. If you have hired VAs, it is an excellent tool to add your whole team.

Pilot Poster uses verified apps for posting so we don’t have to create an app they use their own apps, so that is even better because starting with some of these other tools you have to create an app like Snap social network Auto poster or the other one. They make you create an app that’s kind of junk, this one you don’t need an app so that’s excellent!

You will really like the multiple Facebook accounts option so you could add multiple people on there on one account and switch between your different accounts, share them to your groups and problem solved.

You can save and schedule posts, save posts as drafts to be posted later. The entire dashboard is built to show you your post status, that way you can determine which was successful and fail.

You can post on auto-repeat pilot posts lets you set your place on complete automation publish a post and let it run every day every week or month while you focus on other aspects of your marketing.

Pilot Poster comes bundled with a spintax function to change the words automatically, that way your content comes “fresh” every time.

By the way, this is cloud-based, so it works on Windows, Mac, etc. There is nothing to install and it works for you round the clock, so there is nothing to install. Feel free to check it out.